DCO Mourns the Passing of Prof Pudifin

Dennis James Pudifin, 13 May 1934 – 3 December 2013. As the thundering rains subsided and a watery sun lit up the ward, Dennis slipped quietly away. He leaves behind bereaved friends and family, and generations of past students and patients, all of whom will remember his kindness, caring, compassion and love. On his last day of work in June this year, he had devoted over 40 full-time years to teaching and healing. He was a wonderful, loving and generous teacher, brother, husband, father, grandfather and father-in-law.

Denis will always be remembered as a loving and inspiring teacher, and a passionate music lover, seen constantly at performances in and around Durban.

Denis’ daughter Sarah was concert master of both DCO and SA National Youth Orchestra, continuing her fathers musical legacy.

The Pudifin family is in our thoughts and prayers during this tough time.

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